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Group Travel

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STA Travel & ISIC are equipped to provide you with any type of accommodation anywhere in the globe!

Choose from a range of options - dorms, hostels, motels, hotels and luxury boutique properties to suit any type of limitation (or not!) on your wallet.

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Our professional and experienced visa team can assist you with any visa documentation. Please contact us to find out how we can help you and make this process stress free!



Did you know that 6 bags out of every 1000 passengers are lost by airlines(and sometimes never found)? You could very easily be a part of that percentage! Insure yourself against lost baggage and any unforeseen illness and enjoy a stress free trip. Travel insurance is inexpensive and completely worth the tiny investment.

Our insurance offers include the following and start from as little as LKR 1900.
* Flight cancellations
* Lost/misplaced and delayed baggage
* Sudden illness and hospitalization
* Loss of passport



Yep. If Harry Potter and gang take them, we all should, even if we’re not riding the Hogwarts Express!

For the most part, rail travel is a beautiful experience, inexpensive, hassle free and something you should try at least once in your life.

We are partners with global brands such as Eurail, Japan Rail, Eurostar, Queensland Coastal and many other rail service providers . When tickets and passes are bought locally, we can offer you a more cost effective option than when it's purchased from overseas.

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